Ford's Self-Driving Hybrid DARPA Car Now Available for $89,000

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If you are looking for a self-driving car, now you can buy the ByWire XGV, the modified Ford Escape that got third place at the DARPA Urban Challenge. Torc Technologies—who collaborated with Virginia Tech to develop this smartypants SUV hybrid—is going to sell the car for just $89,000 as a "research platform," so other researchers can tune and add new contraptions to make it work better and look even more menacing than the current version. The specs are loaded with ports, sensors, and even optional accessories, like vibration isolators. Whatever that is, we want it.

Vehicle Interface

Relay: (16) 5A SPST

Digital IO: 24 Channels, 3.3V and 5V compatible

Analog Input: 32 Single-ended/16 Differential, 16-Bit Resolution, +/- 10V Range, 250 Khz Max Sample Rate

Analog Outputs: (4) 12-bit resolution, +/- 10V Range

Timer/Counter: Variable reluctance speed sensor

Serial: (2) RS-232, (2) RS-232/422/485 (2 optional), Ethernet (1) Gigabit, USB (2) Version 2.0, CAN (2) Version 2.0B (optional)

Electrical: BW-100 Input Voltage 10-32 VDC

Power Consumption: 25 Watts



Dust / Water Resistance: IP65

Operating Temperature: -20°C - 70°C

Operational Shock Rating: 10g

Optional Accessories

BW-100-VBI Vibration Isolators

BW-100-41P 41-pin cable harness

BW-100-79P 79-pin cable harness

BW-100-ETC Ethernet cable harness

BW-100-GPS GPS Receiver Module

[Torc Tech via CNET—Thanks HawkSkater]

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