Forget Rings, These Life Meter Pins Glow Full When You're Near Your Loved One

If you and your partner prefer playing video games to long walks on the beach, this set of life meter pins is a far more appropriate way to show how much you care about each other. Because the closer you and the pins get, the more of the life-giving health hearts light up.

Anyone who’s ever sweated out a boss battle in The Legend of Zelda on just a single heart knows how important a full health meter can be. So using a built-in infrared transmitter and receiver to detect each other, these pins fill to six glowing hearts when the wearers are less than five feet apart.

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As the distance between them increases, though, the number of glowing hearts drops until just a single blinking heart indicates your partner is no longer in sight. How tragic.

Available exclusively from ThinkGeek for $20 for a pair, the pins recharge via a microUSB cable and will run for about three-and-a-half hours with all six hearts glowing. There are automatic power-saving features that kick in if a second badge isn’t found within 15 minutes to maximize their battery life, but hopefully that never needs to be used. [ThinkGeek]

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What happens when the hearts go to zero?