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Forgotten Google TV Will Get TNT and TBS Shows

Illustration for article titled Forgotten Google TV Will Get TNT and TBS Shows

Remember that Google TV thing we all cared so much about? When was that? Last year I think? I feel so old. Well if you want to dust yours off, now might be the time: TNT and TBS channels unlocked.


You'll need to be a paying cable subscriber to get the goods, but once your info's logged, you'll soon be able to stream all the Conan, and, uh, Rizzoli and Isles (?) you can eat. The streaming, probably debuting with the impending Honeycomb-based Google TV update, is limited to just the above two networks for now. But maybe other content execs will recall this newfangled Google Television Box Thing exists and give it a try. [GigaOm via SlashGear]

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thenewperson want his star back, Jesus Diaz. He really does.

"...we all cared so much about?"

Speak for yourself.