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Formula E Is Even More Captivating in 360 Degrees

Formula E isn’t just different from its conventional sibling in what’s under the hood. Up top, there’s power boost activated by tweets, a gentle whine instead of the iconic roar, and now 360-degree cameras riding on top.


The 360-degree video is a highlight of the Formula E Buenos Aires race, including all a goodly number of overtakes, crashes, and celebrations. Fast racing can be disorientating, since everything moves so fast, and cameras are limited to a narrow viewpoint. The 360-degree video is best viewed through a VR headset, but it’s even a step up over normal highlights in Chrome.

Racing is also a good use-case for virtual reality. Most conventional sports broadcasts are already using carefully established camera angles, and look decidedly weird in VR. But stick a bunch of 360-degree cameras into a fast-paced wheel-to-wheel race, and you have something that might just get me to strap a phone to my face.



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