Founder of Siebel Systems Attacked by a Rampaging Elephant

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Tom Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems (which he sold to Oracle for a giant pile of money) was charged by an elephant in the Serengeti while on vacation there. Where's your money now?!

Early on the morning of Aug. 1, Siebel said, he and a guide went to a watering hole, where they hoped to observe a variety of game that were known to gather in the quiet early morning hours. They were watching a group of elephants from 200 yards away - "keeping a respectful distance," Siebel said - when one turned and without warning began to charge.

"There was no apparent reason, nothing that should have made it feel threatened," Siebel said. "It was quiet, and then the quiet stopped," when the elephant began thundering toward the two men.

As the massive animal closed the distance, Siebel said the guide fired a gun but missed. Siebel said he was trampled and gored in the leg, until he just "curled into as tight a ball as I could." The guide suffered broken ribs and other injuries.

After the animal left and the men called for help, rescuers came and eventually airlifted Siebel to Nairobi, where he received emergency care before flying back to California for more treatment. All told, he said, he spent 18 days in four hospitals before he was allowed to go home.

Siebel has been using a wheelchair but has told friends he expects to make a full recovery, after reconstructive surgery and physical therapy.


All joking aside, I'm glad to hear that Siebel will be fine and are sorry to hear about what I can only imagine was a horrible experience. But come on, attacked by an elephant? That's amazing. [Mercury News]



My car was attacked by a moose when I was on vacation last week - how come I don't get an article?

Just cuz I'm not a noted personality in the tech world, or the story isn't as interesting?