Fox Just Tightened the Noose on Hulu: Meet the 8-Day Content Delay

Hulu's wonderful because if you miss one of your favorite shows you can just hop online and watch it the next day. Oh, sorry, that's why Hulu was wonderful. Because Fox made big moves today that'll change that forever.

Well, for most of you, anyway. According to the WSJ, Fox has decided to make you wait eight days after a new episode debuts before you can watch it online. That is, unless you're subbed up to a participating cable provider or a Hulu Plus member. And as of now "participating cable provider" equals Dish Network, although other companies are reportedly in discussions.


Fox is the first major network to put their wares behind an authentication curtain, but they won't be the last. And honestly, it's not the end of the world; Hulu Plus members are unaffected, eight days isn't an impossibly long time to wait, and if you complain loudly enough the onus will be on your cable provider to cut a deal. The age of free internet everything is ending, but come on: did you really expect it to last? [WSJ]

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