Fox News on Hurricane Matthew: 'Your Kids Die Too'

Image: AP Photo/Richard Drew
Image: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Meet Shep Smith. He’s a Fox News anchor with absolutely no meteorological credentials that we could find. That didn’t stop him from filling his Floridian viewers with a message of hope about the impending Hurricane Matthew: “This [storm] moves 20 miles to the west and you and everyone you know are dead. All of you.”

Matthew has already wrecked havoc in the Caribbean and caused around two million people in the US to evacuate their homes. Is this already disastrous storm projected to move 20 miles inland? It is, at this point, unlikely. (The National Hurricane Center updates advisories every three hours here.) But if it did, Shep wants his viewership to know, “You can’t survive it. It’s just not possible, unless you’re very, very lucky.” He then looks back cheerily towards the camera and adds, “And your kids die too.” Thanks bud!

There’s nothing laudable about spreading mass panic, but exercising caution is decidedly safer than assuming a destructive weather system is actually a government conspiracy.


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I don’t understand the point of this article, if it is not to just poke fun/attack a news host on a station the author does not agree with.

You quote in the article the fact that people in Haiti have died. They did not/could not evacuate.

This Shep Smith guy makes an exaggerated point about the possible ramifications of not evacuating the path of the hurricane by saying people and their children will die, and you what- you mock him? Seriously? This is Gizmodo now? Just low-brow attacks on things the websites’ authors do not like for their personal reasons?

I don’t watch Shep Smith. He looks like... Agent Smith from the Matrix. But these trite, irritating articles are more obnoxious than anything he says.

You guys do realize there is a massive shift away from traditional media because people are starting to simply not trust it, right? These is a huge opportunity for websites like this. Why don’t you guys focus on news relevant to your site and not some half-assed attempt to make inattentive people who half-heartedly agree with your politics chuckle at nothing?