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Free Windows Vista Upgrade Coupons Starting October

Illustration for article titled Free Windows Vista Upgrade Coupons Starting October

Thanks to Microsoft's sluggishness in getting their Vista operating system out, and thus, missing Christmas '06, they're offering free upgrade coupons to new computer buyers starting October. If you buy a "Vista-capable PC" later this year, you'll get a coupon for a free upgrade to Windows Vista when it does come out Q1 2007.


This promotion is most likely a way to placate angry PC manufacturers like Dell, who would see a sharp drop in sales thanks to people waiting until Vista was out to buy a new PC. Instead, now they can still go ahead an buy a computer for Christmas and still get their Vista-fix next year. It's a win-win for manufacturers and customers.

Free Windows Vista Upgrade Coupons for Windows XP Users [Digital Inspiration via Get a free upgrade to Windows Vista]


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It'd be nicer if they would work with PC makers and offer an updated recovery disc too (or instead). I bought a Dell right before XP came out (it had ME) and got a free upgrade. The only problem was I couldn't do a re-install without formatting, installing ME and then upgrading to XP.

Granted, I understand it's possible to create your own rescue disc and all, but 95% or more of PC users wouldn't feel comfortable trying that.