French Students Will Now Have to Learn About Bitcoin

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High school students in France may be among the first people in the world to actually understand how cryptocurrency works.

The Next Web reports that the French education ministry, Le Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, will integrate cryptocurrency into its curriculum and teach students the influence that bitcoin has on the economy. An outline of the curriculum notes that under this new module, high school teachers will provide a basic overview of cryptocurrency so students can understand the framework of decentralized financial systems.

France announced the decision in June, but cryptocurrency reporters in the U.S. and France have learned of the new curriculum this week.


The education ministry recommends teachers use four educational videos that address questions like “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?” and “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?”

According to the cryptocurrency outlet Decrypt, the curriculum outline advises that students should watch the videos and discuss the differences between fiat money (like the dollars in your pocket) and bitcoin.

This is far from the first time academic institutions will be encouraged to teach students about cryptocurrency. A recent Coinbase report found that 42 percent of top universities feature blockchain and cryptocurrency course. But France’s new suggested curriculum is likely the first nationwide program that encourages blockchain studies.

No matter how you feel about cryptocurrency, encouraging young students to understand financial systems can only benefit them and the future economy. If recent generations of students had a healthy balance of STEM and economics in their curriculum, we wouldn’t be as screwed as we are now.


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Amazing how out of touch with tech your readers are from glancing over the above comments. It’s unfortunate. The attention given to the few criminals dumb enough to use Bitcoin for an ‘untraceable’ transaction (it’s designed to 100% traceable - it’s a public ledger) irritates all those that develop software for a living, who realize this is the future of fintech. And you probably won’t have a ton of choice, because we are the ones writing the software for banks, and will build it out of this technology that many still so ignorantly criticize. Software engineering genius (and Libertarian hero) Hal Finney invents remarkably clever new database-like technology creating massive waves in the computer science industry and all that the non-tech community sees: dumb criminals temporarily using it and some temporary ease-of-use concerns (which will be eliminated with the next wave of cryptocurrency). The fact that the non-tech cmmunity thinks ‘criminals’ are the ones creating the future of money, and further still the idea that criminals are smart enough to create a well-written cryptocurrency, is laughable. These are the smartest minds in computer science, Libertarians at heart. That any dumb criminals are giving all of this technology a bad name irriates those of us in sftware who clearly see this is the future of money and banking. The fact that it can be temporarily (today) be utilized by day traders (adding volatility) and those conducting shady business seems to distract you of the thing you are missing: that all Libertarians are firmly convinced that this is how the future of banking will be done, and we will not stop until we fix all of the current usability barriers and make this the only system we trust our money with. That’s, at the very minimum, 10% of the United States’s wealth, just to start. Likely all old banks will try to keep up with our technology, or slowly die. If you do not classify as a millennial or a software developer, then your opinion here will not be very informed, as we are the ones that will ensure this technology becomes all we ever use in the future for banking and daily purchases. I can guarantee it.