Friend Book App: Shake Two iPhones Together to Share Contact Information

A company called Tapulous is planning on delivering an iPhone app called Friend Book for the Friday launch that promises to turn your boring old address book into a "super address book" with features like a "face dialer" that allows you to place a call through your contact images. But that functionality pales in comparison to their "Handshake" feature that allows two iPhone users running Friend Book to share their personal contact information by shaking their phones in close proximity to one another.

The app works, I'd guess by sending the closely matching accelerometer data back to the Tapulous server, where they're matched in the cloud and info is swapped. There is no actual device-to-device connection—but that is still ridiculously cool. Tapulous is also planning to release Tap Tap Revenge and Twinkle as free downloads at launch. [Tapulous via Boing Boing Gadgets via Lifehacker]

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When I first read this I thought "BLUETOOTH File Transfer!!!". But this connecting via the network thing is a major letdown. First, I bet it won't work. Too much latency. Second, I don't want to upload my contacts list to a 3rd party server. Can you imagine how long that list is sold to tele-marketers?