Fringe and The West Wing Will Stream Exclusively on Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is getting some fresh blood. It's reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to bring Fringe, The West Wing, and other Warner shows to Prime streaming.


The addition beefs up Prime video, which has been steadily improving, but is still an afterthought for not just people buying streaming services, but people who have access to it as Prime subscribers. It's already got some big movies like Mean Girls and Mission Impossible, and adding shows like Fringe and West Wing is pretty great.

Do you guys actually use the streaming on Amazon Prime? [Amazon via The Next Web]


I use Amazon Prime streaming (just watched all of the new Doctor Who on it), and I do not have NetFlix anymore. I used Amazon Prime for the free two-day shipping and the free TV/movies is icing on the cake. I'm waiting for the tiered pricing increase.

That being said, Amazon needs to clean up the web version of their site, I find it very messy and difficult to find the actual free shows. Even with Doctor Who, it says the season is free (and it is), but then still lists $2.99 for each episode. And for some reason the Matt Smith Christmas specials actually do cost $2.99? But not the David Tennant ones. Bizarre.