Fujifilm's X100 Camera Is All Leica-y, in Both Looks and Price

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Fujifilm is cashing in on the retro camera/photgraphy craze that's overtaken cameraphones and Facebook over the last year and it's manifested itself in the form of the X100. The 12.3-megapixel camera takes most of its styling cues from the Leica line of shooters, right down to the switch on the front.


CrunchGear says the X100 has a DSLR-grade sensor, a 35mm equivalent F/2 prime lens, 720p video capability and has a "hybrid viewfinder" which lets you use the eyepiece as a traditional viewfinder, or activate an 800x600 electronic one. And apparently Leica inspiration comes at a Leica price, beecause the X100 will cost $1200 when it comes out in March. [CrunchGear]


As I understand it, this camera is designed as a camera, not a digital camera. Lemme explain. Most point and shoots and digital cameras (minus the DSLRs and the Leicas) these days disregard the design of the past, which really wasn't that far back. 10 or so years ago.

SO when a photographer picks up a camera, and wants to find the fstop or shutter speed, has to go through menus to get to this integral parts of making a photograph, its complicated and unique to each brand.

This camera speaks like a camera should speak, as in I know where my shutter speeds are, my fstops, and im ready to roll.

I like this camera, and I wish more companies would design like it.

Also thats not Leica price. ITs not in most everyones budget, but its 50% leica price.