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New Futurama Clips Address One of the Show's Longest-Held Mysteries

Amy and Kif's children return—after last being seen in 2003!—in next week's second episode on Hulu, "Children of a Lesser Bog."

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Kif and Amy hold hands
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Were you watching Futurama back in 2003? If so, you’ve been waiting 20 years for a certain plot-point resolution. That said, considering the show was off the air for 10 years before its recent Hulu return, even later-arriving fans have been wondering for some time about this one.

The dangling thread finally comes back around in “Children of a Lesser Bog,” next week’s episode in the show’s long-awaited revival. The title gives it away: finally, we’ll catch up with Amy (Lauren Tom) and Kif (Maurice LaMarche)’s offspring. They were born to Kif (he’s an amphibian alien, and that’s not the only quirk of their conception; their “mother” is actually Leela, voiced by Katey Segal, who accidentally donated her DNA to the cause) as tadpoles in the first episode of season four, “Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch.” At the time, Amy wasn’t sure she was ready to be a mother, even though she loves Kif (his love for her is the reason he was able to become pregnant in the first place, because... aliens!)—leading to a prophetic line in the script, spoken in 2003, about the kids requiring 20 years to mature before returning to land. And people say that other Matt Groening series is the animated show that predicts the future!


Hulu has shared two brief clips from the episode to tease what happens next for this offbeat family. Helpfully, if you didn’t see that 2003 episode (or, like even Amy herself, forget WTF happened), the show makes sure to fill in the details.

Futurama | Sneak Peek Episode 2 | New Season on Hulu

Here’s the second clip, which takes place on Kif’s homeworld of Amphibios 9, and features Amy’s wealthy parents as well as the Grand Midwife, who’s eager to cash in on their generosity.

Futurama | Sneak Peek Episode 2 | New Season on Hulu

Ok, so Futurama doesn’t actually show the kids in these clips—but they’re a key part of the episode, as this rather long summary from Hulu confirms:

“The time has come... Amy and Kif’s babies are about to emerge from the swamp on Kif’s homeworld, Amphibios 9. The crew and loved ones gather for an ancient ceremony, led by recurring character the Grand Midwife. Hundreds of offspring attempt to make it out of the water alive, past waves of predators. And three of them make it! Kif and Amy are parents!


It’s tremendous work for Amy and Kif, but they love their kids dearly and can manage it between the two of them. BUT THEN: Military orders come in from Zapp Brannigan. Kif is ordered to leave immediately on patrol, to check on a scientific outpost that has lost communication.

Amy soon becomes exhausted and overwhelmed, and Leela generously offers to help out. She’s like an aunt who spoils the kids, and they love her for it. The kids have a natural affinity for Leela... one even has a single eye, like her. Because the kids have Leela’s DNA, Amy becomes worried that they are starting to view Leela as their ‘real’ mother. She eventually blows up at Leela as the stress overwhelms her.

Zapp and Kif, meanwhile, land on a small world where scientists study space bears. Kif is desperate to return home, but the situation is dangerous. Kif must battle heroically to make it back to his family.

The Grand Midwife announces there will be a ritual challenge to Amy’s motherhood! Since the kids have DNA other than Amy’s, ancient tradition calls for a battery of tests to determine if Amy may truly lay claim to being the mother... or if that title should go to Leela, or someone else. Amy is petrified. As the alien ceremony begins to unfold, she hopes Kif can make it back in time to help keep their family together.”


Beware the space bears! Futurama episode “Children of a Lesser Bog” premieres July 31 on Hulu.

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