Illustration for article titled GAEMS Xbox 360 Travel Case Left the Power Brick and Controllers Home Alone

Have Xbox 360, will travel? Why yes, and while that particular console isn't one I usually associate with the jet-set crowd, this GAEMS suitcase allows one to do just that. Now, about that power brick...


As in, where the heck does it go? There's no way its massive bulk is fitting in that case alongside the Xbox 360 and the 720p LCD screen and speakers, so does that mean you have to buy a second GAEMS power brick suitcase too? And how does the screen get its juice? It can't be magic, can it? I mean, Steve Jobs patented that power source when he spontaneously created the iPad from the ether.

Then there are the ever-important the controllers. Perhaps there's a GAEMS controller fanny pack forthcoming that we just don't know about yet. Perhaps.


In any event, the suitcase arrives later this year for $250. Yes, that is correct. A suitcase that's only big enough to carry the console and not the controller or power source that drives it is as, or nearly expensive as, the console it contains. Bon voyage! [Gadget Review via Engadget]

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