Galavant Is Perfect, Thank God It's Only 8 Episodes

I have been waiting for the premiere of Galavant for months. Hell, maybe I've been waiting for Galavant all my life. Because to me Galavant is perfect, even when it's not. Here's my review.


Galavant is the television embodiment of the hot theater guy. The high school classmate who wasn't really someone you would consider making out with until he put on Sky Masterson's fedora and started singing "Luck Be A Lady," in front of your mom's friends. For that short, four-day theater run, you were his and he was yours and everything was perfect and beautiful and exceedingly emotional and dumb. That is the show Galavant.

The series hits the ground running with the brave and bold GALAVANT number. Be forewarned, listening to this number can land you with an all-day case of singing "GAAAAAAAAA-LAAAAAAAA-VANT"

I'll admit, the sex gags in the opening song took me a few seconds to absorb, (are they singing about how many times they make the beast with two backs in one day?) but the rapid pace and complete shit-eating grin that every single cast member is wearing just makes it work. It's Robin Hood: Men In Tights but way, way faster. Perhaps that's how they get away with their relentless fire of jokes. Characters swear on Galavant (it's bleeped out), but it doesn't feel dirty.

The pace, paired with sheer acting commitment, really, truly helps Galavant find its ridiculous peacock-colored wings. Each actor commits so hard to every single joke. Even the terribly unfunny cracks get 100% heart. At one point, John Stamos shows up as Sir Jean Hamm (GET IT, YOU GET IT) and just bullies actor Joshua Sasse (Galavant) with an unfunny banter of continuous "Yo Mamma" jokes. To wit, Galavant rolls his eyes and lays into Sir Hamm about his terribly unfunny jokes, and the whole things snowballs into an Indiana Jones-sized boulder of unfunny, but dammit their white-knuckled endearing commitment in attempting to make this joke work can't make me hate it. I still loved it. Loved it. That's not to say there aren't funny jokes in Galavant. This series is stuffed with great gags and pretty spot-on slapstick (something many MANY movies and shows have failed to accomplish).

And while we're on the topic of Joshua Sasse, hot fucking damn (see above gif). That is all.

The premise itself is rather unique. It starts off with a happy couple who are separated by the evil King Richard (played by the completely lovable Timothy Omundson). The twist is when Galavant shows up to win back his lady love, she chooses the evil king. In response, Galavant becomes (a still very hot) drunk. It is only when conned into believing that his lady wants him back that he gets back on the horse. And the long quest begins, with lots of great stopovers for working out montages, cameos characters and singing. SO MUCH GREAT SINGING.

So far, I haven't been overly wowed by the songs themselves (besides the exceedingly catchy theme), but Galavant is less about the artistic endeavor and more about the jokes the singing style can provide. So what it lacks in bravado it makes up for in wit. Full disclosure: when King Richard explains to his new fiancée that they are going to "do it" later that night after their nuptials and then lays into this line, "We're not just going to sit in bed and open gifts and talk about how much fun the wedding was, we're doing IT," I did a spit-take with my own glass of wine. (FYI, you should be drinking while watching Galavant.) Same goes for the callous way Galvant and his squire wave off the jewel of Valencia as collateral next to a chicken. There's really, really adorable stuff here. True, you have to be in a Disneyland type of mood to get into it, but it's worth it.


That being said, let us all count our blessings that ABC isn't forcing Galavant into TV servitude to the tune of 22 episodes. An order like that would turn Galavant from something sweet to something absolutely insufferable. It's cute, but it's not that cute. I'm already scratching my head as to how the creators are going to get 8 whole episodes out of this shtick, but I'm still willing to watch, as long as the last episode has the kind of 100%, "fuck it we're going for this joke" commitment as the first two. Love you, Galavant.



I loved it! That joust was the greatest joust to ever be put on screen.

The characters were great! Lassie did not disappoint!

Worst part was all the commercials using the theme music