Game of Thrones Star Joins Board of Cryptocurrency Startup for Vegans, and No We Didn't Just Throw Darts at a Wall Covered in Buzzwords

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In a post Thrones pivot, Jerome Flynn, better known as the Bronn of the Blackwater and one half of Robson & Jerome, has taken on an advisory position with a cryptocurrency startup aimed at promoting vegan lifestyle choices and ethical food production, because every single headline has to sound like it was produced by a fucking Mad Lib these days.

Flynn is listed on VeganNation’s page of “vegan influencers” alongside Step Up’s Jenna Dewan and some guy who practices Reiki in South Africa—and has been since February. The news of his joining the venture, however, was only reported recently by CoinDesk.

VeganCoin’s only stated use of its funds (and it hopes to raise between $10 million and $60 million in its initial coin offering) is to “create a strong global nation for vegans worldwide.” What does that mean, exactly? According to VeganNation’s documentation, it plans to form a “cloud nation” made up of the world’s hundreds of millions of vegans that will use VeganCoin to create an “incentive system, rewarding contribution and engagement.” It also plans to use its platform to track food and other products in an attempt to flag those that are truly vegan and those that are not. It seems as though advisors like Flynn stand to rake in some unspecified chunk of 10 percent of the proceeds from VeganNation’s ICO.


As mercenary cutthroat Bronn, Flynn lied, cheated, and stole his way to wealth and stature—not that we’re making any sort of comparison to what’s going on here.

Prior celebrity cryptocurrency endeavors have, predictably, ended in tears. Boxer Floyd Mayweather and kind-of-a-rapper, sort-of-producer-not-really-a-DJ DJ Khaled coughed up tens of thousands of dollars to the SEC in connection with their decision to promote Centra Tech—a cryptocurrency firm whose founders were charged with fraud last year. Steven Seagal also endorsed the very real sounding “Bitcoiin 2Gen” and then abandoned the project, along with its founders, shortly after getting hit with a cease and desist.

On the bright side: At least VeganCoin may get a more satisfying ending than Game of Thrones did.

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