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Garfield Webcam, Cuter than Doraemon

Illustration for article titled Garfield Webcam, Cuter than Doraemon

Hey fellow Gizmodo writer, Jason Chen. I'm calling you and your bitchass Doraemon webcam out. Enter the Garfield webcam. This authentic, American (kind of) webcam features that friendly, lasagna-loving cat ready to film your most naughty antics in a crappy 640x480 resolution. It is available for $32 from Brando. I am now taking bets on who would win in a fight: Garfield or Doraemon. What the hell is a Doraemon, anyway?


Product Page [Brando]

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A doraemon is a robotic cat from the future, who ost its ears to a robot mouse. But that would be a sweet fight, Id so pay to whatch that fight.