Garmin Nuvi 1860 Will Come with Browser and Camera

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More evidence that standalone GPS units will soon be as obsolete as MiniDiscs. Garmin's nuvi 1860 (which looks to be released in early September at IFA) has a full-fledged browser and a camera.


According to Engadget, the nuvi 1860 has more characteristics of a smartphone or MID than a GPS unit. It will run a Linux OS that has a Web browser (including YouTube support) and will have multimedia, email, and Internet radio applications.

It apparently has Wi-Fi, but no word on an EDGE or cellular connections like the nuvi 1690 that is also due out around the same time. The 4.8 inch device also has a 3 megapixel camera which can be used for geotagging. Oh and it does all that navigation stuff too: lane assist, traffic receiver, text-to-speech directions.


The smaller 4.3-inch nuvi 1690 is reported to retail for $499.99 (not including the connected services) and is now confirmed to use its EDGE connection for weather, flight statuses, gas prices, traffic and Google-powered searches. [Engadget]