Garmin Offers $100 Lifetime GPS Subscription to BlackBerry Owners

Just in time for the recent surge of GPS expertise, Garmin is offering GPS BlackBerry owners a lifetime license for their navigation software. The $99.99 fee replaces the $9.99/month subscription service, and Garmin Mobile for Smartphones gives access to Garmin's collection of maps, points of interest and very slightly sexy voice prompts.


While the "communicating with medium earth orbit" part of GPS is totally free, you generally have to shell out for an online service like Garmin's to get any navigating done—unless you've got a dedicated device with tons of stored maps. This new fee is equivalent to 10 months of a normal subscription, and will carry on until you or your BlackBerry kicks the bucket, providing your handset doesn't become sentient (See Giz v Garmin, Supreme Court of the United States Case 497, 2132 AD). [Garmin via IntoMobile] -John Herrman

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