Garmin's Tardy Nuvifone G60 Finally Coming in Q4, Possibly to Multiple Carriers

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Fun fact: A healthy couple could've produced two children in the time it'll take Garmin to bring the Nuvifone from the press office to customers' hands, in Q4 of this year. By then, the oldest would be learning to walk.

During a conference call today, a company rep told analysts that the phone, which shipped last month in Taiwan, is in the final stages of testing with US carriers, plural, which is either a mistranscription or a sign that the Nuvifone will see a wide launch, worthy of its, ahem, extended introduction.

A lot has been said about how the Nuvifone's allure has been killed by its lateness, and this is no doubt true—it's just not clear to what extent they've been killed. I'm seeing two sides to this: one the one hand, a lot has happened since we saw Garmin "drop a phone in the GPS," including two new iPhones, the rise of Android, and the Palm Pre. But at the same time, the Nuvifone did look pretty great, and freshness—to users, at least—counts for a lot, so don't give up on our little Neverfone quite yet. [Twice via Phonemag]