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Gas Is Still Way Cheaper Than Water

Illustration for article titled Gas Is Still Way Cheaper Than Water

Sure, you've been paying more at the pump for gas lately. But how expensive is gas these days, really? Or rather: how much more expensive than every other liquid you buy? Pretty cheap, actually!

Illustration for article titled Gas Is Still Way Cheaper Than Water

Good put together this handy infographic (click to embiggen) of how much various items cost were you to purchase them by the gallon. What's gas cheaper than? Fiji bottled water. Two Buck Chuck wine (which could probably fuel your car in a pinch). And you could buy about 250 gallons of gas for the same amount as one gallon of nail polish.

That's not to say that gasoline isn't relatively expensive compared to what it was three months ago; of course it is! And that's frustrating. But the next time unleaded eats up your paycheck, be comforted in the knowledge that short of bleach, there's not much cheaper liquid out there to pump. [GOOD]

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A: I still wonder why it's called GAS in america, it's a substance. You can see it, it's not a Gas. Why not call it Fuel/Petrol

B: Try doing it for the U.K. With it being at least £1.30 a litre. It won't be the same.