Gefen's Wireless USB with 100-Foot Range - For Real This Time?

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At last year's CES, Gefen announced a wireless USB hub with 30-foot range. It was pure vapor, like most of the ultra-wideband wireless USB gear we saw. For this year's CES the company is announcing a wireless USB hub with a 100-foot range—along with wireless extenders for component audio, HDMI and VGA. Gefen claims that three of these products are already in production, and I sure hope the HDMI extender is one of them. Here's a rundown:
* The four port USB extender uses Wisair's 3.5GHz ultra-wideband and will have up to 400 Mbps throughput for $249.
* The component audio extender can deliver up to 1080i resolution within 300-feet line of site. It will cost $1,499.
* The wireless HDMI extender uses TZero's ultra-wideband, will have a 30-foot range, and support resolution up to 1080i and 400 Mbps transfer speeds for $499.
* The VGA extender has a 100-foot range and supports 1280x1024 or 780p resolutions, no word on pricing.

Gefen's new wireless extenders will all be available in Q1 2007—we hope.

Gefen Announces UWB Products (Again) [Wi-Fi Networking News]


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