Ah, the North Hall, the ghetto of CES. Home of Asian OEMs, where you can find all kinds of crap that you neither want nor need. Take for instance, the GTMS-3000 Mini Finger Optical Mouse from Guann Tau. With the "ergonomic and humanization design" touted by its flyer, you simply slip the mouse's strap over your finger and point the optical sensor downward. It has a tracking resolution of 400/800 dpi and gives you a little over a meter of cable to work with. As you can see, the one I played with was pink (though they claim it's red), but it also comes in black and blue. Unfortunately, it wasn't hooked up to a computer so I can't really comment on how well it worked. It did feel awkward, though. And cheap. So I expect some version of this to show up in Radio Shack by the end of the year.

CES 2007 [Gizmodo]

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