Gelaskins: Totally Awesome MacBook Skins

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Gelaskins, the company that makes sweet art skins for your iPod, is now also selling skins for your MacBook or MacBook Pros. Featuring more irreverent stuff like the infamous Flying Spaghetti Monster to masterpieces of art like Katsushika Hokusai's The Great Wave to contemporary artist Bob Dob's Rough Night Out (pictured above), they've got so many sweet designs it almost makes me wish I was an Apple fanboy with a MacBook. Almost.

Product Page [Gelaskins]

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Do it yourself guys, use adhesive paper to design your own stuff in photoshop and then cut it out or print it.

the Apple logo will indeed go through and look kinda stupid if it isnt in a convenient spot on the back.

What i want to see (rather than just resizing the image) is that they make the pictures they use integrate with the glowing logo behind it... (e. the flying speghetti monster picture with Adam, maybe they could make the logo appear just above of on the point where finger touches noodily appendage)