Gem Triton 1000 Submarine Is Worst Thing Ever (Lacks Periscope)

Neimen Marcus has begun sale of the Triton 1000 Submarine. In an acrylic bubble dome design straight out of The Jetsons, buyers will have a 360-degree view of the ocean floor (for depths up to 1000 feet).

A gemstone set joystick control maneuvers pilots as they pretend to be Jacques Cousteau or Sean Connery (depending on their personal level of coolness and choice of Sean Connery submarine driving character). Sure, the pleasure will run you $1,440,000, but realize that the price includes both the leather seat upgrade and two days of training so you don't kill yourself and make manufacturer U.S. Submarines look bad.


Is it me, or are personal submarines are the official toy of the pretty rich—that sweet spot where consumers want more than a nice sports car but aren't quite moneybags enough to play the "retire" and run a vineyard game? As gadget enthusiasts, death by overzealous octopus beats drinking your liver away with pride any day, but it's a close vote. [nm via gizmowatch]

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