Genius CakeDozer Delivers Desserts in Pristine Condition

A cake server is the perfect tool for getting a slice of cake or pie off a serving platter, but how do you then get the dessert safely onto a plate so it’s worthy of an Instagram share? With the CakeDozer server that physically bulldozes it clean off with the push of your thumb.


For just $17 when it’s available in mid-October, the CakeDozer ensures all the hard work that went into making and decorating your dessert isn’t completely negated when it’s unceremoniously plopped onto a plate in a pile of sweet mush.

The CakeDozer’s simple mechanism, adorably shaped like a tiny bulldozer, can gently coax a slice of anything safely off the server, perfectly intact, and ready to impress your judgmental dinner guests. Wait, why do you keep inviting them over again?

[Peleg Design via Laughing Squid]

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