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George R.R. Martin Discusses That New, Targaryen-Focused Game of Thrones Prequel

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Viserys is about to spill the tea on their family’s messed-up history.
Viserys is about to spill the tea on their family’s messed-up history.
Image: HBO

The time of the Targaryens is coming to an end. Well, fictionally speaking. A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R.R. Martin has offered a few details about the recently-revealed prequel show focusing on House Targaryen, sharing a taste of what we can expect should it get picked up to series.

Martin confirmed the news on his (thankfully no longer a Livejournal) Not a Blog, saying the series is “moving closer to a pilot order” but that HBO hasn’t actually approved a pilot or series pick-up yet. As of now, it just has a pilot script and series bible, crafted by Ryan Condal (Colony), who Martin described as “a halluva strong writer, and a huge fan of A Song of Ice & Fire, Dunk & Egg, and Westeros in general.”


The series will be based on events from Martin’s Targaryen-focused Fire & Blood fictional history bookshe insists the show already has a possible name, but it won’t be that. Fire & Blood is set about 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones, which means it takes place well after Jane Goldman’s “The Long Night” prequel, but also well before the rebellion that saw the Targaryen’s rule of Westeros come to an end at the hands of Robert Baratheon.


Martin also dispelled rumors that HBO’s interest in this Targaryen show meant that Goldman’s series would no longer be happening. He said they finished filming the pilot and it’s currently in post-production, and he’s expecting to see a cut of it soon (he also saw some images of Goldman’s sets and called them “spectacular”). He added that he doesn’t like the idea that just because one Game of Thrones prequel show exists means there can’t be any others, and stated that he sees a big future for the franchise—it is, after all, a world of Ice and Fire, not A Single Prequel of Ice and Fire:

The World of Ice & Fire is a WORLD, boys and girls. Huge continents, ten thousand years of history, cities, deserts, oceans, mysteries, triumphs and tragedies. If there were indeed eight million stories in The Naked City in the 50s, surely there are eight billion stories to be told about Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos, and the lands beyond the Sunset Sea, south of Oz and north of Shangri-La…

And in these days of a hundred networks, channels, and streaming services, I think television has plenty of room for two shows set in Westeros… or hell, maybe three or four… I still want to do Spearcarriers, after all.

If you’re curious, Martin also confirmed that the show would have dragons. Because duh.

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