George R.R. Martin's Worst Nightmare: A Slew of Spoilers

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With A Dance With Dragons, the long-awaited fifth book in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, coming out in just two weeks, anticipation is running high. But some people already received their copies early.

According to Voyager Books, Martin's publisher, the embargo on the book got dropped early in Europe, and a few customers in America already received their copies early as well. Only about 180 copies of the book went out early by mistake, but that's still a lot. And the publisher fears that message boards and other online forums will be full of spoilers.

The Voyager team writes:

Voyager is asking you – if you can bear it – to avoid your favourite GRRM-related sites (except for George's official site, and the Voyager site of course, where we will be screening comments as always) to ensure that the latest instalment of this epic story is not spoiled for you. You've got a remarkable journey ahead of you, and some stunning surprises, and nothing should come between you and that experience. The embargo is now being thoroughly enforced by all accounts and customers around the world to ensure that no more copies are sold early.

And we would also issue a plea to those 180 fans who have managed to get hold of a copy, to please consider all the other fans around the world who have to wait for the official 12 July pub date and save your spoilers!


For our part, we won't post any spoilers from ADWD. Even when our review goes up, a few days before publication date, it'll probably be light on the spoilers. You won't be hearing from us about the unexpected revelation that Jon Snow is really Khal Drogo's twin brother. Nope. [Voyager Books via Salon]

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