German Executives Hide Phones in Biscuit Tins to Avoid Getting Hacked

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You'd think a German chemicals company big enough to worry about people hacking their phones and eavesdropping on R&D meetings would have the budget to just invest in a Faraday pouch. But in the case of Evonik, they're cheap, so they use biscuit tins.

According to the AFP, "industrial espionage" is a trend on the rise, and companies, like Evonik] are increasingly paranoid about it.

Biscuit tins have a so-called Farraday cage effect, [spokeswoman Alexandra Boy] said, blocking out electromagnetic radiation and therefore preventing people from hacking into mobile phones, not only for calls but also to get hold of emails.


You're an 18.5 BILLION DOLLAR company. How much trust can you put in an old biscuit tin? If you're really that paranoid, just. Buy. Some. Of. These. [AFP via Textually via Engadget]

Image via Flickr/Franie Frou Frou