You Won't Believe How Accurate GE's New CT Scanner Is

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Even after 40 years of service, X-ray computed tomography (better known as CT scans) can be a challenge to capture. If the patient moves even a nudge, the image will come out blurry. But with GE's new Revolution CT, doctors will be able to image the entirety of your innards in the span of a single heartbeat. Literally.

The Revolution leverages a high resolution camera paired with a motion correcting system—the medical equivalent of your camera's image stabilizer—to quickly and easily capture previously-uncooperative organs like a beating human heart.


"Revolution CT is able to scan even the most challenging patients, day in and day out, with remarkably clear images," Steve Gray, leader of Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography at GE Healthcare said in a press statement. "This will be the first CT scanner that's right for everybody in every clinical specialty."

GE introduced the Revolution at the 99th annual Radiological Association of North America (RSNA) conference last week and it will hopefully be rolling out to hospitals across the country in short order. [GE Reports]