Get a New Perspective with the 18-270MM Di II VC PZD Lens from Tamron

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Are you finally ready to brush off the last of your accumulated winter crust, stop reading about coveted gear, and actually start using it in the big, wide world? Well, weighing in at just 15.9 oz, Tamron's 18-270MM Di II VC PZD is the world's most compact, lightweight 15X ratio lens. The award-winning model comes in 3 mount types, for Sony, Canon and Nikon APS-C format DSLRs, so not only is it featherweight, highly portable and insanely fast, but it's available for your camera of choice—making it the perfect accessory for whatever summer antics your and yours might have planned.

Hocus Focus

The 18-270MM Di II VC PZD features Tamron's first PIEZO Drive—autofocus technology that relies on ultrasonic motors which function using the standing wave principle—so no matter how fast your subject is moving, whether you're snapping in the woods or on the road, you'll get a smooth shot.


Shot in the Dark

Shooting in low-light can be a total mess, especially if you're not using a tripod. With Tamron's VC (Vibration Compensation), the 18-270MM adds four stops to your shutter speed, giving you moody, blur-free photos no matter how dark things get.


Macro Diet

Sometimes you want to get, like, really, really close to your subject. The 18-270MM's minimum focusing distance is 0.49m, so you can catch every single detail of, say, your fettuccini alfredo, and post it to your food blog in all it's delicious, cheesy, wholesome glory.


The 18-270MM Di II VC PZD is out now in celebration of Tamron's 60th anniversary. Head here for more details.