Get a Palm Pre Tattoo For a Free Pre: Save $199, Lose a Lifetime of Dignity

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Lou wanted a free Palm Pre. So, naturally, he got a Palm Pre tattoo. Wait, what?

This isn't some guy who's covered in tattoos already, either. This is Lou's very first and only tattoo, a big ugly Palm Pre right on his shoulder. He will get his precious smartphone courtesy of, but you've gotta wonder how long it'll be before he starts trying to get a different website to pay for the laser removal. I mean, for chrissakes, the free phone is only worth $199! Come on, Lou, you could have gotten so much more for an equally embarrassing tattoo if you only knew how to market yourself.

So what do you think: is this more or less sad than Zune tattoo guy? I think Zune guy is still the saddest, as he didn't get free anything for his permanent branding (that he's since changed into something perhaps even more regrettable). [Pre Central]