Get into Stacia Kane's intense urban fantasy series for a dollar

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Looking for something awesome to read this weekend, but don't want to spend a lot of money? Urban fantasy writer Stacia Kane writes in to say that the ebook of the first novel in her Downside Ghosts series, Unholy Ghosts, is on sale for a dollar on Amazon. io9 contributor Chris Braak called the book "intensely compelling," and offers you this enticing window on what you'll get (for just a dollar!):

The premise of the series is this: some time, roughly twenty or so years ago, all the dead came back to earth as ghosts for a week, and tried to kill all the living. Of the many churches, cults, and magicians in our world, only one of them turned out to have the actual, real right answers – the ability to put the ghosts back where they belonged.

Fast forward to today, and the Church of Truth is the only church there is, because they're the only ones that can actually do what they say they'll do. They promise to protect the people from hungry ghosts, and to that effect offer enormous reparations if a family can show that they've been the victim of a legitimate haunting. The Church then sends out Debunkers to investigate these claims, offering commissions if a case is successfully debunked.

Thus, the heroine of the story: Chess (Cesaria) Putnam, a witch and Church of Truth debunker, abused and misused since she was orphaned during the Haunted Week, subtly damaged and heavily reliant on pills and speed, but still clever, competent, and daring.


If you get hooked on the series — which we predict you will — ebook versions of the second and third novel, Unholy Magic and City of Ghosts, are on sale for $5 each on Amazon too. The fourth novel comes out next year in March.

Pick up Unholy Ghosts on Amazon for one dollar!


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