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Get Limber Enough to Punch Giant Monsters With This Super Sentai Aerobics Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gotta get them lunges in.
Gif: Toei

The importance of warming up before pummeling the Dimensional War Party Vyram cannot be understated.

Maybe your lockdown exercise routine could use a suitably superheroic shakeup. Just in case it does, please enjoy this very silly video of the cast of Chojin Sentai Jetman—the series that is often credited with saving the esteemed Tokusatsu franchise from cancellation in the early ‘90s, and was very nearly one of the first Power Rangers adaptations—doing an aerobics routine set to their own theme song (which, for the record, is a total bop).


The woman leading them isn’t a random Japanese fitness instructor, but a member of Jetman herself: Rika Kishida, who played Kaori, better known as White Swan. This isn’t actually too out of place for a Super Sentai show to be doing really, in the way it would be very weird if the likes of the Avengers or the Justice League came along to encourage us all to get on our feet and stretch.

It’s a tradition that still sort of exists in contemporary Super Sentai shows—the ending songs of each series are typically a jaunty affair accompanied by the stars, Spandex-clad or otherwise, bopping along in a dance sequence that the young audience is encouraged to replicate themselves. It’s just that these days, instead of releasing aerobics videos, they’re...just on TikTok instead?


Regardless of its health benefits though, there’s something just very absurd about watching costumed superheroes Jazzercise to their own theme. Remember when Power Rangers always had that message of telling you not to try what you just watched at home? Well, this is the bit you should’ve been trying, really.

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