Get More Out of Your Monthly Data by Using Onavo's Free Data-Compressing App

This is a necessity download for any iOS user—particularly if you tend to reach the miserly monthly data cap your network imposes on you. It compresses emails, apps or web suring to as much as 90 per cent!

Sounds too good to be true, right? Onavo promises you could pretty much double or triple the data plan you're on, with it working on anything data-related—except video, sadly. It works by routing the downloads through its cloud-based servers, so while it might make pages etc load a bit slower, the data is already compressed by the time it gets to you. Cleverly, it will also inform you which apps are sucking the data out of your plan, so you can either use them less, or ditch them altogether.


It's a free download for iPhones and iPads, and apparently the Android version is coming along shortly. [iTunes via Wired]

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