Get Windows 7 Earlier and Legally

If you want to get Windows 7 nine whole days before anyone else, now you can. Legally. The catch: It will require you to buy a new system for a small PC builder, rather than a big name.

Apparently, some small PC builders have got permission from Microsoft to start selling PC systems with Windows 7 nine days earlier than everyone else. One of them is Puget Systems, who had this to say in their website:

Customers who place orders for a full personal computer system, and who select Microsoft Windows 7 as their OS of choice, will be immediately placed in queue for shipment which will begin in earnest on October 13, 2009," reads a statement on the company's website. "Orders will be placed in queue on first-come basis and Puget Systems standard shipping policies apply. Place your order early to ensure an early spot in our queue! Shipping dates are not guaranteed.


[Ars Technica]



Or if you care that much install Windows 7 RC1 or RTM for a month and before it flips the kill switch for not having an activation code Windows 7 will be out.