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Christmas is over, which means we have another year before we start getting pressured into this "goodwill towards men" bullticky that's shoved down our throats every December. Good! In order to celebrate our return to unrestrained hostility towards each other, let's discuss video game consoles. Did you get a Wii for Christmas? Lame. I'm an Xbox 360 man myself. The Wii gets boring after a month and the PS3 still doesn't have any games that make the investment seem worthwhile, although I might change my tune when Final Fantasy XIII drops in like 2010. But at that point there'll be a PS3 Slim available for like $199, so it'll finally be worth it. Right, fanboys?


This is an open thread for getting your ya yas out about what console you think is best. We've found that there aren't many places for you to just go nuts on topics you're passionate about anymore, so even though we aren't huge fans of flamewars we want to give you a place to get it out of your system. You cannot be banned for anything you say in this thread, so go nuts. If any of it spills over into any other posts, however, we'll be extra harsh with the banhammer, so keep your flaming in here and don't let it get out. But for now, it's time to leave the spirit of the season behind us and head into 2008 with our fanboy hats planted firmly on our heads and our rationality checked at the door.

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