Giant Simpsons vs. Marvel Mural in Queens, NYC

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A huge mural has just been completed in Queens, NYC, depicting an epic battle for New York fought by Marvel characters done Simpsons-style. We've got a bunch of cool images of the cartoon mashup you've been wanting.

Gusto, who created the mural with help from a team of artists, writes in to tell us about the process of creation. It's on the side of a T-Mobile building, which donated the space for free in exchange for getting a T-Mobile logo in there (so no, this isn't T-Mobile stealth advertising - it's just a donation). Gusto says:

The concept for the wall and actual painting of the characters was done by me (but inspired by Dean Fraser's illustrations from "Springfield Punx" who mailed me this morning and loved the mural).


If you are in NYC and want to see the mural in its full glory, it's in Queens on 86th Street and Roosevelt Ave. You can also see the full-sized panorama view on Gusto's site.

via Gusto