Giant Wall Switch Watch Only Illuminates the Time

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If you're befuddled by watches filled with gauges and covered with buttons, then Click Watches has a new design that caters to luddites like you. The Wall Switch is just one giant rocker button that toggles between the time and date when flicked. Easy peasy.

It also sports a very minimalist aesthetic since the Wall Switch has no obvious display. Instead, the numbers magically appear beneath its surface thanks to a set of bright red LEDs and a thin plastic facade they're visible through.

It's also got some lovely fade in/fade out animations when the display is activated, and will automatically shut off after a few moments to prolong battery life. Of course, that minimal functionality does make its $100 price tag a little tough to swallow, but at least you get your choice of four stylish colors with matching bands. [Watchismo via Dvice]