Although there are large swaths of America which may only know his name as a track on a Daft Punk album, Giorgio Moroder is so very much more. The name and first song from his new album 74 Is the New 24 hints at that a bit, with a nod to his age (yep, 74) and boundless career.

DJ, legendary producer, pioneer of the synthesizer, Moroder is one of the most transformative forces in electronic music. He's known first and foremost for engineering Donna Summer's 1970s albums into sparkly disco masterpieces and then producing influential soundtracks like Flashdance and American Gigolo. Although he's laid low for the last few years—despite the Daft Punk cameo—his first album in 30 years will feature Britney Spears, Sia, Kylie Minogue and more. The Donna Summers of their day, perhaps. The album drops next spring so you'll have to put this on repeat until then. [Spotify]


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