Paul Nylander and Daniel White teamed up to create Mandelbulb3D, a three-dimensional version of the Mandelbrot set, as reported by New Scientist back in 2009. The software renders shapes that maintain this self-similar fractal zooming behavior by solving more advanced equations.

Horsthuis doesn’t draw his art—he starts with the formulas and explores the universe created by the Mandelbulb fractal, zooming in, out, and around to find parts he thinks are interesting. Then he renders them, adding color and lighting. “It’s more like what a nature photographer would do. You explore different things and if you see something you really like, you start rendering, like taking a picture or a video.” He rendered spots that looked like an underwater world, followed by an alien-looking landscape. Each frame of these videos can take a half hour to render.

So just sit back, soak up the tunes, and let yourself be taken in by the mind-blowing math.