Gizmodo and Kotaku at E3 2008

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Not only does Monday mark the start of the week where you can wave your new iPhone 3Gs around in your coworkers' faces, it's the start of (what used to be) the biggest video game event of the year: E3. We'll be there with Kotaku, and by extension, you'll be there. There are a ton of hardware rumors this year like Xbox 360 motion controllers, and so Monday we'll be at Microsoft and their press event which we will bring to you live the same way we do our Apple Liveblogs. On Tuesday, we'll be covering Nintendo and Sony. Don't miss it and remember to check Kotaku and their pre-E3 title coverage.

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I'll be watching the Microsoft Press Conference live on [] since I don't get the channel where I live. I just hope they don't pull an online commercial when it is literally the most important minute of the entire broadcast like last year.