Gizmodo Day Celebrated in 70 Countries

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From Buenos Aires to Buffalo, over 1,500 of you met yesterday to talk gadgets. You sent in dozens of photos on #GizDay, Twitter, and Facebook. In New York, Gizmodo staff, friends, and some lucky readers ate some Gizmodo burgers.


We're still compiling images, so please continue to send them in!

Reader-Submitted Images from Around the World

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In New York, over a hundred burgers — including our own Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Gizmodo burgers — were consumed by Gizmodo staff, friends, and readers at a sneak preview of the new burger joint 4food in Midtown.

Gizmodo Day @ 4food, New York

(View the gallery for more.) [Photos by Gary He]

Thanks to everyone!

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#5 is me. Darn it for being the youngest one @ 4food!