Gizmodo Day Oxford Meet-Up Live Blog (Updating)

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To celebrate Gizmodo's tenth birthday in the UK, we're partying at The Jame Factory in Oxford. Given that Gizmodo is a US-based website, how will it play out? This is the live blog of how it's going.


8:00 PM: I am settled in at the bar with a Brooklyn Lager to celebrate the fact that Gizmodo is based out of New York. Reader count so far: 0

8:15 PM: Battery on my MacBook Air is running low so moved slightly to find power. Read count: still 0

8:17 PM: I'm hungry. I just ordered fries.

8:27 PM: Success! Fries arrived. Reader count: still, sadly, 0

8:29 PM: Just informed my liveblog was not in fact published, so I was liveblogging to nobody. Blog post is now definitely online. I think.

8:29 PM: Damn these fries are good. Who needs people to hang out with, anyway, when you have fries and beer? NOT ME. (Just joking: please come say hi!)

8:34 PM: By the way, for those confused about a US blog meetup in the UK, liveblogged by someone referring to fries and Brooklyn Lager: I am in fact British.


8:39 PM: SUCCESS! I HAVE TWO GUESTS! Myles and Sarah, I love you.

9:23 PM: Myles and Sarah are lovely people. And I hear more people are to arrive soon!


9:37 PM: More people! Christian and Jamie have arrived—they're very intelligent Oxford academics. What a readership!

9:43 PM: And two more people I don't know the names of. Details to come. This is shaping up well.


9:43 PM: Jeannie, Jess and Evan have also arrived. I am starting to get drunk.

9:54 PM: Evan is wearing an orange gingham shirt. Is that even a thing?

10:11 PM: It's Jess's birthday! Shots all round!

10:12 PM: OK: straw poll reveals 7 of the 8 of us are Mac users. Fine taste, Oxford. Fine taste.


10:54 PM: They sell Brooklyn Chocolate Stout here. We're drinking the bar dry of it.

11:12 PM: Myles is soon to receive a Retina MacBook Pro. I like Myles.

11:21 PM: There is now inter-group kissing. KISSING. Gizmodo is a matchmaker.

11:24 PM: Sarah is lusting after this parkour guy. Clearly, gadgets aren't enough.


11:45 PM: I'm in a North-South divide argument with Sarah. We are both northern. She doesn't agree with me about much, though.

12:08 PM: My job is over: two of the party left saying that they were going home to have sex. Signing off.




If I got the train to Oxford, I'd end up in Oxford..

This is a perfect opportunity for a google+ hangout. Only thing that Google+ is useful for..