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Taylor Hicks doesn't have anthing on Gizmodo readers. Thanks to our buddies over at Ultimate Ears we will be giving away three pairs of noise isolating headphones to the winner. The total value of the three pairs of earbuds is $450, so we are going to make you work for it.

Get out that video camera and film yourself singing a song for us. We know they are going to be horrible, so limit it to one minute in length, please. Once it is put together all pretty-like, upload it over at Youtube and make sure you tag it with "Gizmodo Idol" or the entry will likely be lost in the Youtube abyss. You have two weeks to produce a video that will likely embarrass yourself to all of our readers. Extra points for costumes and lighting effects.


Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 19 at noon EST.

The winner will receive a pair of 5 Pro earbuds valued at $250. The winner will also receive two additional pairs of the 3 Studio earbuds valued at $100 each. The additional two pairs are to give to friends so they never have to hear you sing again. Thanks to Ultimate Ears for sponsoring this contest.

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