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Gizmodo Japan: Moe Shirt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you could encapsulate Japan's otaku culture into a single kanji character, it would likely be the word mo , a term that has hit the big time in the past year, helped along by the maid cafe boom in Tokyo and Densha Otoko ("Train Man"), a popular drama about an anime fanboy who wins the love of a beautiful woman he meets on a train with the help of posters on an Internet BBS. The term mo (pronounced "mo-EH") describe the ultra cute, pure-hearted anime characters that pop up in anime, manga and video games these days, as well as the "burning passion" otaku feel for the objects of their various obsessions. For those inclined to wear kanji on their persons, smug in the knowledge that only a very few people will have any idea what the hell your shirt says, this mo T-shirt might be up your alley.

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