Gizmodo Sounds Damn Good

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Thanks to everyone who wrote a song for our Theme Song Contest. We're flattered. And thanks to all who voted. You have picked your favorite, so click through to see if the slow jam, the cowbell-rocker, the soultastic toe-tapper, or one of the two bleeps n' blippers took the victory.

The winner of the Gizmodo Theme Song Contest, the composer of a vigorous space dance-jam that warranted 44% of the 3,113 votes is Percival L.! Listen to its genius:

Song 5: Percival L.

Congratulations to Percival. He has scored some professional recording equipment that he can use to compose his next masterpiece: a PG27USB microphone and a pair of Shure SRH440 professional studio headphones.

Click here to listen to all the worthy contenders one more time.