The day unfolded with Origami stories, pictures and speculation, and by dusk we had wadded up the origami, stuffing it back into its little package and asking, why? Undaunted by that mild disappointment, two of our intrepid news force, our fearless leader and his insouciant sidekick, began their sojourn across the pond to CeBIT 2006, anticipating weighty stories of gadgetry and devices both large and small. Losing track of time back here at home, we were wrapped up in a delightful recounting of a man-purse full of swank watches, while jaws dropped all around at word of an overclocked compu-monster ticking away 5.46GHz. As the seconds ticking away turned into hours, all eyes were on Sony and its plan to charge $30 for a blank Blu-ray disk, but who knows how long that price conceit will last? Remember, the past is prologue.

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