Gizmodo's Complete Windows 7 Coverage

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Windows 7 Beta, Microsoft's thank-you gift for putting up with Vista, has been out two weeks and we're covering every exciting inch of it. Here's how to catch up, or get the beta for yourself:

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Windows 7 Beta Installation Advice
(Note: The beta is available until February 10th, though downloads may be limited, so hurry!)
How to Download and Install Windows 7 Beta
How To Install Win 7 on Macs with Boot Camp
Understanding the Windows 7 Beta Agreement Fine Print


Windows 7 Feature Analysis:
Why Microsoft Should Give Windows 7 Away
Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats the Mac OS X Dock
Why It's Smart To Go 64-Bit With Windows 7
Windows 7 Runs Better Than Vista On Netbooks
Why Windows 7 Will Beat Vista Overall

Windows 7 Beta Tips
The Calculator Now Calculates Your Mortgage Payments and More
Miss Vista's Quick Launch? Here's How You Get It Back
Registry Tweak Fixes Window Gadgets and UAC Incompatibility
Adding Extra Monitors Is So Easy a Caveman Could Do It
'Play To' Media Control Might Take Over Your Whole House
Xbox 360 Streaming Is Buggy For Now, but it Still Works...Kinda
Windows Explorer Preview Pane Works Much Better Than Vista's
The Windows Key Is Actually Useful Now!
Maximize and Dock Your Windows by Dragging to the Screen Edge
Where the Hell is Add/Remove Programs?
ISO Disc Image Burning Is Built Right In
Device Stage Gadget Interface Is Gorgeous (When Supported!)
Libraries Replace the Antiquated Virtual Folders Feature
Now You Can Choose Which Folders to Back Up and Create System Images
Fix That MSI Installer Bug And Get Apps Running Again
Windows Home Server Almost 100% Compatible Already
Gadgets Integrated to Desktop (But Still Buggy in Beta)
New WordPad Opens Word 2007 XML Docs
Careful: Windows 7 Beta Sleep/Hibernate Is Still Buggy
Windows 7 Taskbar UI Tips
Inside the Amazing Problem Steps Recorder


Windows 7 General Observations
Huge Security Flaw in Windows 7 User Account Control
Windows 7 Is OK, But Can It Run Crysis?
Windows XP, Vista and 7 Tested For Multicore Performance, XP Still Wins For Now
Windows 7 Performance Meter Goes Up To 7.9, Still Not Fantastic For Gaming Measurements


Funny—and Not So Funny—Windows 7 Experiences
The First Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death
131 BSODs We'd Rather See
25 Features You Definitely Won't See in Windows 7


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PLEASE HELP! I need to know if that PC virus that has infected tens of millions computers will infect Windows 7 since the only virus protector is windows live 1care and it isn't compatible with Win7. This is the only thing stopping me from double booting mac with windows on my MacBook.