Gizmodo's iPhone SDK App Contest

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We saw a number of iPhone SDK applications demoed during the WWDC keynote last week, some of which-like the physics-based game Enigmo-were fantastic. With over 250,000 kits downloaded and 4,000 admitted to the iPhone beta program, we're sure you guys have come up with something as good, or even better than that. That's why we're holding our own Gizmodo iPhone App Contest.

You're proud of the work you've put into your iPhone SDK application. Show us what you did. Email your entry to with the subject "iPhone SDK App Contest: Name of App" with the name of your app there. Each entry should include screenshots (as many as it takes to properly illustrate your program) as well as a 1 paragraph description telling us what it's all about. We'll showcase the best ones here for the world to gawk at.


We also know that there are tons of very cool applications such as Sling that might not even be approved by Apple as an official SDK app. That's why we're taking entrants for unofficial (jailbroken) apps as well. Send those in to with the subject "iPhone Unofficial App Contest: Name of App". Essentially, we'll be getting a weird kinda sorta head-to-head that pits bigger name companies/development teams against hackers.

Update: Well, the App Contest was inconclusive, thanks to Apple's NDA and the subsequent effect of no developer being able to submit their app to us. Our de-facto winners are listed in our favorite iPhone apps.


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Captain Nit-picky here.

the Giz's iPhone Application Contest

You wouldn't really call it "The Gizmodo's iPhone Application Contest", would you? Maybe the word "the" serves to elevate the event, much like "the Ohio State University"?